Stop chasing after people who left you. Stop romanticizing the people who hurt you. It’s not poetic that you’re broken. You have got to stop glamorizing heartbreak, there is nothing beautiful about it. Begging, needing, loving someone so much that you can’t merely function without them is pathetic. You need to learn to fix yourself. Begging someone to stay will not make them love you. He isn’t going to sweep you off your feet like a Disney movie, he fucking destroyed you. Forget him like he forgot you. He’s not coming back to fix your damaged soul. I’m so sick of you pleading for his return, he destroyed you and didn’t look back. Your dependance on his presence is making me sick. He doesn’t love you so stop pretending he’s coming back because he’s not. He ruined you and you let him don’t you dare forget that. He’s moved on and it’s about damn time you did the same. Learn to love yourself or you will be this damaged, fragile soul forever. He can’t fix you, no one can but yourself. It starts now. Be your own damn hero.
- Things I need to remind myself (via unpoeticheartbreak)
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Hello! So I went insane a little while back and decided to do a network for every important Game of Thrones house. This network is for House Greyjoy. If you don’t know what house you are, you can take a quiz here, or if you don’t like that one I’m sure there are hundreds scattering the internet. The rules are simple. 

  • mbf the insane nut who’s put hours into this
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  • or if you’re in another house, the links to them are at the bottom
  • that’s it
  • i am trying to keep this simple for everyone
  • oh by the way if any house does not get at least thirty notes it is officially not happening sorry
  • the end
  • yay

house arryn | house baratheon | house greyjoy | house lannister | house martellhouse stark | house targaryen | house tully | house tyrell

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Your mother would want you to   c a r r y   o n.

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.sansa, sansa..

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make me choose - anonymous asked: emilia clarke or sophie turner?

I’m just kind of abnormal.

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if you watch game of thrones, a show full of murderers, rapists, people who flay others alive, stab pregnant women in the stomach, murderer people at weddings, kill family members, zombies, a guy who bashes babies skulls on walls and rapes their mother etc etc

and the…

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01. Sabled Sun- Transmission // 02. Sabled Sun- Scanning for Lifeforms // 03. Sabled Sun- Inner Sanctum // 04. Sabled Sun- My Dying Robot // 05.  Atrium Carceri- Great Old One // 06. Atrium Carceri- The Untold // 07. Atrium Carceri- Ego Death // 08. Simon Wilkinson- Through the Ergosphere // 09. Liquid Mind- Letting Go // 10. Liquid Mind- My Orchid Spirit (Extragalactic) // 11. Liquid Mind- Awakening (Cosmic Sea)


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All I wanted was to receive the love I gave.
- 10 word story  (via suchvodka)

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